We wish to introduce you to the oyster fork’s new companion

– the Oyster Knife –

Made in USA 

the first of its kind.

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About The Audette Oyster Knife

Dear Oyster Affectionado.

At last, the lonely Oyster Fork has a teammate!

We wish to introduce you to the oyster fork’s new companion – the Oyster Knife¹ – the first of its kind. Once the shucker has carefully opened the oyster its delicious liquor lures the affectionado to sip the oyster from its shell. But wait! The oyster’s adductor muscle holds its meaty prize fast. But stop! Should the shucker move his hand too quickly, the liquor will pour quickly from its shell. Not good!

Our Oyster Knife is designed to cultivate the pallet of the most particular oyster lover. As the blade deftly slices through the oyster’s muscle, the touch of cold seawater lingers, mixed with its savory liquor.

The experience of eating oysters is changed! The most elegant of diners simply lifts the oyster, slices the muscle with the Oyster Knife and then sips the oyster from its shell. 

Presentation goes like this: The shucker carefully opens the oyster and does NOT use his blade to sever the adductor muscle; instead, he keeps the oyster attached to its shell. He then discards the upper shell as usual, and places the opened oyster on a bed of crushed ice. The presentation, of course, is how the Chef wishes. The smaller Oyster Knife can be placed on the serving dish. The larger Oyster Knife may be more elegantly placed in its proper place beside the dinner knife.

The diner lifts the oyster, and with the Oyster knife neatly slices the adductor muscle, and then happily sips the taste of seawater, the liquor and the oyster from its shell. No dripping, no messy slicing with the table knife – the Oyster Knife has changed the experience!

To accommodate every setting, we have the Audette Oyster Knife in three styles: the small service size, the flatware size, and should oysters be served picnic-style by the pool, we even have a disposable Knife. Not only that, we can duplicate your present flatware design! 

You can see the Audette Oyster Knife and order here!

Albert Audette, Happy Dining, Inventor and CEO.